True or False Questions about Asthma

Questions about Asthma

There are more than 17 million Americans who suffer from asthma and its complications, about 5 million from these patients are under 18 years old. Every year, about 5,500 asthma-related deaths occur.

Truly this disease is no joke, as it is really a life-threatening condition. Though there is no exact reason why people develop asthma and there are no permanent cures for attacks of this illness yet, there are many things we can do to minimize the recurrence and severity of its attacks.

Understanding the condition better is your best way to cope with the illness. Seeing your doctor regularly and taking the right medication and significantly lessen the possibility of harsh asthma attacks. This article will scrutinize some myths and facts about asthma and how it can help you deal with the condition.

Common myths and facts answered with True (T) or False (F) and explanation.

1. We will grow out of asthma.

F – We will not outgrow this condition. About 50% of young individuals with this condition may not be bothered by attacks because of lifestyle changes, etc. But symptoms and attacks may recur during adulthood.

2. This condition is “all in the mind”

F – This is a respiratory condition, not a psychological condition. However, emotional factors can trigger the attacks.

3. This condition is curable

F – There is no cure for this disease yet. Thus, medications and treatments should be taken seriously to minimize the risk and severity of attacks. Right treatment and medication can control asthma.

4. Asthma is contagious

F – This condition is not contagious.

5. You can develop asthma if anyone in your family has it

T – You have 6% chance to develop this condition even when both of your parents don’t have it. 30% chance if one of your parents has it and 70% chance if both of your parents has this condition.

6. A different environment like desert can stop and cure asthma

F – A new and different environment may temporarily stop asthma attacks, because your system is not used to it yet, but it will never cure asthma. After a year or two, you will be sensitized in that location and asthma recurs again as it was before, or even more severe than before.

7. Individuals with this condition should never exercise

F – Exercise can help strengthen your lungs. Swimming for example, is the best exercise for individuals with this condition. However, the workout place should be conducive for people with asthma, dry and cold air may trigger asthma attacks.

8. Since there’s no cure for this condition yet, it doesn’t need any forms of medication and treatment.

F – If you don’t want this condition to have a full control over your life, it will be good if you follow your doctor’s advice and take the medication. This condition can be controlled with the right management plan and medication that your doctor will design for you. Attacks can be very life-threatening; taking medication can save you from severe asthma attacks.

9. Medications for this condition are habit-forming

F – Medications for this condition are not addictive.

10. Attacks can be faked so anyone with this condition can easily get attention

F – Asthma attacks can’t be faked. If you really know how attacks occur, you can distinguish fake from real attack.

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  1. It is truly frightening as to how many people think that asthma is not “real”, and do things to trigger attacks in people “just to prove their point.”


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