Benefits of Asthma Inhalers

Exposure to environmental allergens like dirt, dust, smoke, pollen, cold air, animal hair, etc, is one of the leading causes of asthma attack. The hypersensitivity to these environmental factors, and the effect, severity and recurrence of attacks differ from one patient to another.

These factors make this condition really hard to anticipate and control. However, there are many things one can do to ease the pain caused by the attack, and that is through the use of inhalers.

Asthma attacks differ from patient to patient, but one thing is common to all types of attacks – it can be life threatening. The shortness of breath caused by the narrowing of the air passage can cause serious damage to ones health. The brain, when deprived from oxygen, can be severely damaged which can lead to the branching of damages to other parts of the body.

The swelling of the airways are caused by the immune system’s response to the foreign irritants. In asthma attacks, simple irritants such as dirt and pollen will be recognized as harmful foreign particles, thus immune system makes a defensive stand against these irritant by narrowing the airways to stop the irritants from getting inside the system.

This reaction however, causes stiffening and hardening of the muscles along the airways, causing difficulty in breathing and forcing patients to make wheezing sounds as they gasp for air.

Attacks are very hard to predict, they can happen any time any where, even at the comforts of your bedroom. Attacks however can be recognized when the person is exposed to food irritants, environmental irritants, stress, etc. This is where the importance of asthma inhalers comes into picture.

There are hundreds of brands of inhalers for this respiratory condition available in our market right now. This product is available in most drug stores, but the purchase of this usually depends on the doctor’s prescription as they may require higher dosage of the medicine. For simple cases however, one can purchase inhalers over the counter.

Examples of inhalers are powder inhalers, nebulisers, space device inhalers, pressurized metered dose inhalers and breath activated inhalers. There are also many types of inhalers available in the market; there is the metered dose inhaler and the inhaler medication, etc. Most of these asthma first aide tools as are made for specific type of the condition.

Pressurized meter dose inhaler is the most common among the five known inhalers. This type of respiratory disorder first aide is easy to carry around as it is small and very portable, giving patients convenience as they carry their medicine wherever they go.

Also one of the reasons why this product is so popular among patients is that, most types of medication for this disorder that is placed in a pressured container can be used with this device.

Inhalers give fast soothing relief by applying the medication directly to the narrowing air passage. This makes the swollen muscle that had been stiffened by the attack to relax and make way for normal breathing.

Inhalers may be first aids for attacks, but it should not be used without the doctor’s evaluation. Consult your doctor first so you can get the best dosage of medication you can use for your inhaler.

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