What is Asthma and How to Prevent It?

What is Asthma and How to Prevent It

Majority of the people, whether asthmatic or not, wants to understand what is asthma and how to prevent it.

Most of the time, children commonly experience asthma because they have a low immunity wherein they are not able to protect themselves from various airborne allergens and pollutants. Asthma is an inflammatory disease that affects the airway passages of a person which causes the respiratory system to function abnormally. The person can suffer from bronchospasm for the reason that the passage of the air suddenly constrict and becomes inflamed which results to breathing difficulty.

On the other hand, adult also are experiencing asthma, specifically the elderly due to the fact that their immune system is becoming weak wherein they are prone to suffer from asthma. Even if they are exposed to a tiny allergen, they will immediately have an asthma attack. The most effective way to prevent asthma is to have an allergen-free environment and surroundings because most of the time, asthma occurs due to the presence of these airborne pollutants and substances.

For asthmatic children, there are certain medications that should be seriously taken because their condition is more difficult to handle when providing treatment compared to an elderly. The most reliable and effective intervention in treating asthma is with the nebulization and coughing exercise. With this, the sticky phlegm that is blocking the airway will be loosened and can easily be expelled immediately by the person.

If you really value your health and life, make sure that you should know what is asthma and how to prevent it. This is the best thing that you can do in order for you to manage your condition better.

What is asthma attack and how to treat it?

Many people who are experiencing difficulty in breathing do not know what is asthma attack and how to treat it. This makes it harder for them to cope with the situation that they have. At the present time, the most common health problem for adults and children is difficulty in breathing when they are exposed to dust or different particles that may irritate and affect their breathing patterns. Some people are not aware that they have this kind of health problem (asthma) because it suddenly occurs.

If you are experiencing difficulty in breathing, the first thing that you can do is to do deep breathing and coughing exercises to expel the phlegm that is blocking the airway. If this happens and it is not effective, it is better if you have a nebulizer kit that you can use at home. With this, you will immediately feel that your breathing will return to its normal patterns. Actually, you do not have to take in any kind of medication unless the attacks frequently occur.

There might be some signs and symptoms but the initial thing that you should immediately treat is the airway before the other symptoms.

The most important thing that you can do to prevent difficulty in breathing is to maintain a dust free environment. This is the first intervention that you should be doing most especially if you have a family member frequently experiences asthma attacks. It is important to know what is asthma attack and how to treat it so that you can immediately find relief.

Does your child have asthma?

The first proper asthma attack can be a frightening thing for a parent who has no idea why their child is struggling to breathe and gasping for air. And according to statistics, childhood asthma affects over 9 million children in the US alone; with numbers growing daily.

Is your child suffering from asthma? Read this article to find the most common symptoms to look for and what to do if you suspect your child is suffering…

Who is more at risk?

There’s no doubt that asthma is becoming more prevalent; with some sources blaming the increased use of pesticides and others blaming poor lifestyles, the jury is still out on the exact causes and likelihoods that your child has asthma. The medical profession believes that most cases of childhood asthma are caused by genetics and environmental factors. Do others in your family suffer from asthma? Do you? Then it’s quite possible that they will have inherited it…

Spotting asthma symptoms in children

Not all asthma attacks are easy to spot; and just because your child might not be having an asthma attack severe enough to cause blue fingernails does not mean that the struggle to breathe is any less frightening for the child. Some asthma attacks are more of a shortness of breath than a full-blown gasping for air episode.

Some common symptoms include;

  • Shortness of breath
  • Wheezing sounds when breathing
  • Tiredness seems to be less energetic during playtimes as well as generally tired.

It’s important to listen carefully and observe your child closely. If your child is very young, look at their muscles when you suspect they are struggling to breathe.

If you suspect your child is having an asthma attack, you need to get them to a doctor immediately. Equipping yourself with information is the only way to be sure that your child doesn’t suffer unnecessarily from the scary symptoms of asthma for long.

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